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Problems Using PlanPlus for Outlook v7 with Microsoft Outlook 2010 Professional



You will not be able to use PlanPlus with the most recent version of MS Outlook- 2010. I contacted Franklin Tech Support and they said they current don't have a version ready to work with 2010 and really didn't indicate a release date, except to say it would be a couple months, maybe. The best they could offer is that I purchase PlanPlus for Windows or use PlanPlus Online. No apology- no offer to bridge the time lag in developing a compatible product.

I've been using Franklin Software since day one and the response and attitude I've received on this issue is extremenly disappointing.

Has anyone else encountered this issue and figured out a work around or are we stuck with purchasing intermediate software?


There is a fix coming.  The

There is a fix coming.  The problem really lies with Microsoft. There is a bug in the developer tools that FranklinCovey uses to put the calendar and tasks on the same page.  Microsoft has acknowledged this as a bug and has promised a fix by December 2010. If all goes well the fix will be incorporated and the 2010 compatible version of PlanPlus v7 will be available a few days or weeks after that.   There will be a free patch for all PlanPlus version 7 owners for the 2010 compatibility.
- Hope this helps.

Any news on this?  December

Any news on this?  December is about over.

There's supposedly a release

There's supposedly a release that fixes this-NOT!

On Dec 29, after signing up to receive a discount coupon I planned to use on binders and supplies for my employees, I decided to check the site to see if anything had been resolved.  Much to my surprise, there was. I had hoped that someone from customer service would have contacted me as well as others that have expressed interest in being notified. I had various communications with customer service regarding this issue and they offered to notify me the minute a fix was available. But they didn’t.

The upgrade costs $49. I proceeded to purchase the upgrade. I was unable to use the coupon but proceeded to download anyway as I was very anxious to finally get this issue resolved after having waited for months. After installing the update. I experienced the same issues as the previous version-crashes. The only change was that the ‘Add-Ins’ tab in Outlook was nowhere to be found. After trying many things and spending a substantial amount of time, I decided to give up and try tech support the next morning.

The next day tech support walked me through most of the things I had tried the night before: Uninstalling previous versions, removing registry entries and changing security settings on my system. I followed each and every step as instructed to no avail. The software does not work.

I am extremely disappointed with this whole situation. The timing of the release makes me think that perhaps there might have been some internal pressure or budget related reasons to release some kind, or any kind, of update. After much frustration I decided to get a refund. Tech support provided me contact info to do this. When I called them at the number provided, they told me I had to call someone else, which I did. They, like everyone else I’ve spoken with at FC were very courteous. Hopefully I will receive the refund without needing to spend more time.

I am not sure that this organization is committed to continuing with this product. Everything seems to be fragmented. I could be wrong but the software development seems to be resting on an outsourced individual rather than a team. I personally think that this issue should have been resolved prior to Outlook 2010's release. After all, the beta and developer's tools were available long before its release. They could have decided to use third party controls instead of keeping their fingers crossed and hoping that MS fixed the 'issue' soon. After all, these are tools used by professionals who pay for the software and accessories. I've been a user of both their traditional system as well as software for more than 20 years. Of all the software updates I’ve purchased, I don’t recall that any offered any real significant feature improvements. Aside from some minor cosmetic changes, PlanPlus for Outlook has remained pretty much the same version to version. However, I usually upgraded anyway as sort of a way to support the development. But to pay even $1 for this upgrade not to work after being patient for so long is downright unacceptable.

Here is an update from our

Here is an update from our Product Manager:

We have put out an update for Microsoft Outlook 2010.  Customers on an older version can upgrade to PlanPlus for Outlook v7 for $39.95.  If they have already purchased or upgraded to version 7, they get the upgrade for free.  Current users will be notified inside their software that the upgrade is now available.  If they are new customers, they can simply purchase the current version and it will prompt the customer to update their software after they install.


Our response on the mobile is this – we have several mobile applications under development right now – we anticipate some of them to be available in the first quarter of 2011.  The first mobile apps will be for iPhone, iPad, and Android.  Other mobile operating system apps will also be released at a later time.  The first apps will be for Task management and then more robust planning apps will follow.

I hope this helps! Thank you!

To the point, the update does

To the point, the update does not solve the Outlook 2010 compatibility issues...It Still doesn't work!!!!I have been using PlanPlus for Outlook since its 1st release.  I am a loyal Franklin Covey user and certified "FOCUS" facilitator and I am very frustrated with PlanPlus v 7.  I loaded the new release "PlanPlus Trail V 6566" and it still recieve the error  "Microsoft Outlook has encountered a problem and need to close"...  I can never get past this error message.  When I uninstall PlanPlus, Outlook 2010 works fine.   I temporarily reverted to Outlook 2007 to enable PlanPlus to work...I was excited to hear about the fix...but it doesn't appear to work...I will keep trying..for now...hope I don't have to abandon the product as I depend on it  to survive personally and professionally...If anyone has similar issues or solutions please post

Hello Product Manager,I've

Hello Product Manager,

I've recently downloaded the 30 day trial and the add-in PlanPlus Home keeps crashing on me. Was the fix pushed out to the trail version of the software?

Thanks for your help!

Hello Chronik,Have you tried

Hello Chronik,

Have you tried contacting Support for further assistance? You can do so here: http://service.franklinplanner.com/ Under "Technical Support."

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